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Varyx manufactures a unique variety of high performance and safe specialty chemicals for oilfield, industrial and heavy duty mobile equipment cleaning applications.

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Industrial Washbay Cleaning

  • Foam, high pressure soaps and pre-soaks
  • Hybrid, safe-solvent, and water based degreasers
  • Non-hydroflouric aluminum brightener
  • Recycle washbay water solids and odour control treatments
  • Cement, invert and frac fluid cleaning
  • Foam applicators, cost and water saving dilution equipment
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Industrial Equipment & Downhole Tool Cleaning

  • Drilling and service rig cleaning
  • Oilfield equipment degreasing
  • Hot dip tank, oil, paint and rust stripping chemicals, including Red Hot Mama *
  • Exchanger plate cleaning
  • Parts washer and degreasers
  • Cold dip and ultrasonic tanks
  • Acidizing and scale removal
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Metal Preparation & Refurbishment

  • Wet blast flash rust inhibitors
  • Paint prep chloride removers
  • Layup corrosion prevention
  • Degreasing and cleaning prior to non-destructive testing (NDT) and blacklighting
  • Aluminum/soft metal safe cleaning
  • Carbon and pitch cleaning
  • Specialty application chemistry

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About Varyx

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Varyx, a division of Guardian Chemicals Incorporated, is a privately owned US company that supports the research, development and manufacture of specialty chemistry, specializing in soil stabilization chemistry. We provide direct chemical and related equipment sales, custom formulations, and specialized service technologists to a large variety of primary and secondary industries throughout the USA.

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