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Varyx provides products for process and production chemical cleaning, maintenance and fouling removal, through proprietary innovation.

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Oil Field Equipment Maintenance

  • Shutdown and Turnaround chemistries
  • Production equipment and downhole fouling removal
  • HOT SOSS * Parrafin/oilfield cleaning, treatment, and hot oil mix
  • Oil/sludge degreasing and cleanup
  • Disposal well treatment/flow enhancement
  • Asphaltene dissolution and cleaning
  • Foamers and defoamers
  • Reclamation plant enhanced oil recovery
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Storage Tank & Process Vessel Cleaning Programs

  • Oil, condensate, bullet and slop tank cleaning
  • Sludge dispersants
  • H2S scavenging
  • Iron sulfide/pyrophoric control
  • LEL degassing
  • Mercaptan and benzene elimination
  • Oilfield process equipment degreasing
  • Specialty cleaning
  • Acidizing and neutralization
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Specialty Integrated Systems Cleaning

  • Circulation efficiency restoring chemistries
  • External and internal heated and non-heated cleaning solutions
  • Tube & shell/plate & frame exchanger cleaning in place programs
  • Deposit analysis and pre-job testing
  • Waterless internal circulation cleaning for refrigeration systems
  • Descaling and degreasing, fin fan foam cleaning chemicals and equipment

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About Varyx

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Varyx, a division of Guardian Chemicals Incorporated, is a privately owned US company that supports the research, development and manufacture of specialty chemistry, specializing in soil stabilization chemistry. We provide direct chemical and related equipment sales, custom formulations, and specialized service technologists to a large variety of primary and secondary industries throughout the USA.

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