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Varyx specializes in liquid soil stabilization chemistry for use on rural roads, commercial building sites, and more.

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Increased Stability

Varyx strengthens and stabilizes the soil of rural roads, commercial construction sites, and more. Increases load-bearing capacity for up to 10 years.

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Environmentally Safe

Varyx meets environmental safety standards set by Green SealTM. As a result, its use does not impact surrounding plants, animals, people, or water systems.

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Reduced Maintenance

Varyx binds soil for stability, reducing slipping, sinking, and the need for yearly maintenance and backfilling. It’s also non-corrosive for vehicles and equipment

Introducing RoadTek by Varyx

The RoadTek Story

RoadTek is Varyx's answer to the challenges of unstable soil. From rural roads to commercial construction sites, RoadTek is the environmentally friendly way to to stabilize soil for erosion control, safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

RoadTek solves your soil stability problems.

Extend the life and usability of unstable soil while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

RoadTek at Work

Unpaved Gravel Roads
Heavy Haul Roads
Road Base & Sub Base Stabilization
Remote Landing Zones
Swimming Pools
Mine Tailings
Mineral Extraction
Commercial Construction

Varyx Success Stories

Case Study

Sturgeon County

In 2013 Sturgeon County tested a dust suppression and road stabilization product. RoadTek was applied by Sturgeon County road maintenance crews. We were on-site to ensure the application process and dilution rates were followed. The test was a great success and the road remains safe and stable in 2018.




Case Study

Ponoka County

In the summer of 2014, Ponoka County applied RoadTek to a 1 mile stretch of Baker road. Varyx provided us a stable 4-inch base and a dust free surface. RoadTek did what Varyx promised it would. Now, in the summer of 2018, Varyx and Ponoka County are still satisfied with the results.




About Varyx

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Varyx, a division of Guardian Chemicals Incorporated, is a privately owned US company that supports the research, development and manufacture of specialty chemistry, specializing in soil stabilization chemistry. We provide direct chemical and related equipment sales, custom formulations, and specialized service technologists to a large variety of primary and secondary industries throughout the USA.

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